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      1. Choose an option from the home page : £5 TRIAL –  £25 –  £15  or £8. Then put in your details and press JOIN 

  2. On your member page – go to the bottom and choose the Tuesday ticket. On the ticket page press REGISTER

  3. Then press CHECKOUT . After checkout, you need to complete registration on Eventbrite (our ticket provider) and you will receive your ticket by E-mail!

  4. See you on the night!


Each session is around 3.5 hours and includes:
A vocabulary and expression workshop with professional language teachers before the film.
Here is an example of our worksheets:


Example Worksheet

A great English language film WITH English subtitles. We are film lovers and carefully choose a wide variety of films which are highly rated and reviewed. Every session is a different film and always a nice surprise!
A quiz after the film to see what you remembered. (With prizes!)
Assisted discussion after the film so you can practise your English and meet new people.
Our venues have great projection and sound and also a bar!